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Venneir® Ultra-thin, Strong, Wide Dental Tape with Mirror

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Venneir® Ultra-thin, Strong, Wide Dental Tape with Mirror

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IncludesMirror on Back

Vegan Friendly


Ultra thin, strong and wide to comfortably slide between teeth.

Our pocket-sized floss features a mirror on the reverse side for when your out and about, meaning you can keep those confident vibes flowing, knowing your smile is clean, and your breath stays fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I floss with all types of dental work?

Yes, you can floss with veneers, crowns, implants or composite bonding etc. When teeth are bonded or filled, there should be gaps to floss. If you're not able to floss between them, you should see your dentist.

Is this dental tape waxed?

Yes. People with tightly spaced teeth may find it easier to use waxed floss due to its natural lubricating property, and for its ease of gliding between teeth.

How much dental tape is inside?

17m rolled into a compact, card shaped dental tape holder.

Is the dental tape strong?

Yes. Venneir® pro dental tape is very strong, and created not to fray or break easily.

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