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Sarah Beckfield

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WayneTrustpilot Verified

"Can’t fault this company at all very speedy delivery and excellent toothpaste paste especially for people with vaneers.. work really well and end up looking pearly white after 1 use… have been using this company for the last 6 months and cannot fault them one bit.."

ArmandoTrustpilot Verified

"I was very sceptical when buying this toothpaste. After 3 weeks of using it I was getting compliments on my teeth which I haven’t had in a very long time as my veneers are 5 years old. I am also not one to write reviews but with the results I have had I wanted to share it in hopes it helps restore other peoples venneirs"

AlexTrustpilot Verified

I started using Venneir after having my composite bonding done and would not use anything else now. It leaves my teeth feeling so fresh and clean. It also gives me peace of mind knowing my toothpaste won’t harm my natural teeth and the composite bonding.

NicholasTrustpilot Verified

"Ordered a trial tube of toothpaste on ebay for veneers for my wife. She was using Sensodyne for past two years and the veneers were starting to yellow. The Venneir toothpaste, after just one month, has cleaned her teeth so very well that I have since ordered three more tubes from their offer. I am delighted that I found this brand and my wife will use forever."

Sadhona SheffieldTrustpilot Verified

"Great dental floss! Just the right width, grip and smoothness to clean in all the tricky places 👍"

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Sarah's story
Dec 16, 2022