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Custom-Fit Upper Night Guard for Teeth Grinding (3mm Soft)

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How it works

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Step one

Purchase your night guard online

We'll send an impression kit straight to your door.

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Step two

Take your impressions

Use our instructions to take your impressions and send them back to us using a prepaid label.

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Step three

Delivered to your door

We'll manufacture your night guard and send them back to you within 1-2 days after receiving your impression.

Custom-Fit Upper Night Guard for Teeth Grinding (3mm Soft)

InstantGrinding Relief

Rapid 5-7 Day Turnaround

Precise &Comfortable Fit


The secret to peaceful, pain-free sleep

Experience peaceful, pain-free nights with our custom-fit night guards. Designed from your exact impressions, our night guards ensure a comfortable, secure fit, protecting your teeth and allowing you to sleep soundly.

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Made by experienced dental technicians

Getting your night guard has never been easier. Take your impressions at home, return them to us for free, and receive your night guard in the post.

  • Done from your Home & delivered to You
  • Get Your night Guard in Days

No Dentist Visits

No dentist appointments, journeys, and completely non-intrusive.

Quick & Easy to Order

Order online, make your impressions in your own time, and post them back to us for free.

Identical to Your Dentist's

Made by experienced dental technicians, in the same way as those provided by your dentist.

Save Over £200 on NHS Prices

With NHS band tier 3 being over £300 (Jan 2024), you’ll be saving a fortune ordering with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's inside my impression kit?

• 4 sets of putties (2 required + 2 extra)

• Upper impressions trays set (S/M/L)

• Complete & sign form

What will the night guard do?

A night guard is designed to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of grinding. When you grind your teeth, you put unnecessary stress on them, leading to chips, cracks, and other damage. Wearing a night guard prevents this damage from occurring and helps keep your teeth healthy and strong.

How quickly can I complete the whole process?

We'll ship out your impression kit same day or next day depending on when you placed your order. You'll receive it within 48 hours. Once we receive your impression back, you'll receive your night guard within 3 working days.

What if my night guard doesn't fit?

In the unlikely event that your night guard doesn’t fit, contact us promptly. We're dedicated to resolving challenges promptly for your peace of mind.

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