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Dental Impression Silicone Putty (Base & Catalyst)

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Dental Impression Silicone Putty (Base & Catalyst)

CE CertifiedMaterials

Odourless& Tasteless

Delivered Within 48 Hours

EasyTo Use

The Ultimate Choice for Dental Impressions

Venneir® Dental Impression Silicone Putty, comprising a base and catalyst, is essential for taking precise dental impressions. Perfect for use with veneers, crowns, implants, or composite bonding, our hydrophilic, quick-setting putty ensures accurate results every time. Ideal for both professional use and at-home impression kits for retainers and night guards, this CE certified, odourless, and easy-to-use putty enhances your dental care routine. Trust Venneir® to keep your dental restorations flawless and maintain the lasting beauty of your smile.

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