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Is your toothpaste damaging your dental work? - Venneir

Is your toothpaste damaging your dental work?


The chances are if you're reading this, you've got veneers, crowns,  implants or composite bondings! (or you know someone who does)!

Having dental work done isn't cheap, it can be quite costly, and it's something people work hard for years and years for in order to afford, and when you own something that you've worked hard for, something that has cost a pretty penny, it's potentially something you are going to be taking extra care of. 

If you went out and bought a luxurious car, let's say you went out tomorrow and bought yourself a brand new Porsche! Would you go to your local, cheapest car wash and allow them to scrub the shiny new paint work with big, gritty brushes full of gravel and stones? Hell you wouldn't! Or would you let them spray their nasty chemicals all over your fresh new leather interior? I very much doubt it! 

Taking care of your dental work should be similar, for the simple fact that you've probably invested a lot of money into the work you've had done - and it too, like everything else, is susceptible to wear and tear or potentially being damaged by not taking proper care.


What's the best toothpaste to use for veneers, crowns or composite bondings?

Non-Abrasive Toothpastes

Your new, shiny dental work is like any other delicate smoothly finished surface, and if you're scrubbing that smooth surface with something abrasive, you'll soon find a lot of tiny little scratches.

If you just fitted a £10,000 bathroom into your house with the finest of porcelain, would you be using an abrasive scrubber on that porcelain? chances are you wouldn't! So stay away from harsh, abrasive toothpastes!

Those harsh, abrasive toothpastes will take their toll on your veneers, it'll create lots of little tiny grooves over time, and those little tiny grooves will attract all those heavily staining particles that come off foods & drinks like coffee, red wine, curries etc. and this will dull your veneers!


Toothpastes With High Fluoride

Fluoride is an essential ingredient when it comes to keeping those gnashers clean! Fluoride is a natural mineral found ini teeth and bones that is vital to protecting enamel. A

As demineralisation occurs (Demineralisation is when the acidic byproduct of plaque wears away at the enamel of the teeth) fluoride is lost from the enamel, making the enamel vulnerable to decay. The fluoride in toothpaste helps to restore the natural mineral levels in the enamel, providing effective protection from cavities, damage and decay.


Can my veneers, crowns or composite bondings stain?

In short, yes.

If you're not properly caring for your veneers they will be prone to staining. It might not happen over-night, but from constant abuse of smoking, or drinking dark liquids like coffee, tea, red wines or foods rich in colouring like curries, berries, tomato based sauces, soy sauces etc. your teeth will eventually stain over time, so its best to try keep things like these to a minimum.

As well as causing the dental work to lose its 'sheen' it is possible you could be intensifying and accelerating the staining of your teeth by not using the correct toothpaste, if your toothpaste is abrasive, like we said above, it will create tiny grooves & scratches which will be harbouring all these staining foods and drinks for prolonged periods of time.


Can I use teeth whitening toothpaste on my veneers, crowns or composite bondings?

Absolutely not! Well, you could, but you would be doing no good whatsoever for your new dental work, you would be doing the complete opposite which is potentially causing damage, and possibly leading to easier staining!

Teeth whitening products may be safe for normal teeth, but the ingredients found commonly in 'whitening' toothpastes, such as hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate, will scratch away at the thin surface of veneers, and as you've learned above, this very bad for your veneers!


Is Venneir® toothpaste safe to use?

Venneir is a one product company as you may be able to tell by the company name. The business was therefor established and was built around the sole purpose of creating a specialist toothpaste that was suitable to use on dental work without including any harsh ingredients that could potentially cause damage.

Venneir spent years of oral-care research, working along side a number of dentists from within the UK to perfect their formula and unlike other toothpaste companies their product is solely based on being used on dental work, especially veneers, crowns, implants & bondings, therefor have spent all their time, money & research making the specialist toothpaste down to a tee!


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