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Hints, tips and tricks to keep your composite bonding sparkling | Venneir

Foods, drinks and anything else that could stain your composite bonding

If a super white smile is really important to you, you might want to think twice about consuming these items, or if that is going to be a huge struggle, try a few work arounds.

Tea & Coffee

Sipping tea or coffee through a straw may look odd, but it's a small price to pay for keeping your teeth looking fabulous!

Red wine

Using a straw to drink red wine can help you avoid teeth stains just like it did for your favourite hot beverage!


Kick the tobacco habit and not only will your teeth thank you, but your overall health will too - now that's something to smile about!


Mix in a small amount of plain yogurt or milk with the curry, to reduce the intensity of the coloring agents.

Top 3 tips to avoid composite bonding from staining

1. Brush before and after:

Brushing your teeth before and after consuming anything prone to staining can help remove any surface stains and prevent them from setting in. Just make sure to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before brushing, as brushing too soon can damage your tooth enamel.

2. Regularly sip water while eating or drinking:

Regular sipping during meals or drinks may be the secret to keeping your composite bonding looking like new! By sipping water throughout your meal, you'll keep your mouth hydrated and help to prevent those pesky stains from setting in. It's a simple trick that can make a big difference in maintaining the brightness of your smile. So, next time you're chowing down on that curry or enjoying a glass of red wine, remember to take a sip and protect your composite bonding from unsightly stains.

3. Avoid ordinary toothpastes:

Regular toothpaste may contain abrasive particles that can scratch and discolor your composite bonding. Instead, look for a toothpaste that is specifically designed for use on bonded teeth. These toothpastes are often formulated with gentler cleaning agents that won't damage or discolor the bonding. By making this simple switch, you can help to protect the appearance and longevity of your composite bonding.

How to whiten composite bonding

Have your composite bonding replaced by your dentist:

One option is to visit your dentist and have the resin replaced. Sure, it might not be the most exciting way to spend your day, but it's an effective way to get your pearly whites back in tip-top shape. Plus, who doesn't love the sound of that dentist drill? Okay, maybe not everyone, but trust us, it's worth it for a brighter, more confident smile. But, if the thought of a dental appointment gives you the creeps, don't worry - there are other ways to whiten your teeth at home too!

Oil pulling for composite bonding:

Swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes each day can help to remove surface stains on your composite bonding.

Profesional whitening toothpastes made for composite bonding:

Brighten your smile without breaking the bank by upgrading your toothpaste game! Swap out your regular toothpaste for a specialist whitening toothpaste specifically designed for bonded teeth. Not only will it help remove pesky stains, but it will also give your teeth a pearly white boost. Plus, it's an easy and affordable way to maintain your sparkling smile without having to visit the dentist, and it's just as, if not more, effective since you can maintain this practice daily!

Venneir® Professional Stain Removing Toothpaste

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