How does Venneir® toothpaste work?

How does Venneir® toothpaste work?

Our specialist toothpaste has been formulated to help remove and protect against stains on veneers, composite bondings, implants, crowns and cosmetic dentistry.

Venneir® is just as effective on regular teeth, and is also safe for use on sensitive teeth.


Papain, the natural ingredient of Papaya extract, is used to safely remove plaque and dissolve stains.


Xylitol combats against plaque and tartar, which is prone to leaving the edges of your teeth yellow if not dealt with.


By being non-abrasive, Venneir® avoids leaving tiny scratches in your teeth that can attract stains.

Developed Formula

Researched by dentists, our formula has been specifically created to purposely work with cosmetic dentistry.

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